Subdivision / Land Development

**Plans must be submitted to the township office 10 days before the scheduled Derry Township Planning Commission meeting**

**Please submit plans to Kelly Shutes, Township Manager (**

Resources / Submission Information

Subdivision / Land Development Ordinance
Subdivision / Land Development Plans Procedure
Subdivision / Land Development Review Application
Mifflin Co. Conservation District (MCCD) Earth Disturbance Checklist

Planning Commission Meeting Schedule
**First Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m. at the Township office**

Board Members
Dan Kochenderfer – Chairman
Norma Fisher – Vice Chairman
N. Sue Reinke – Secretary
T. David Filson
Bill Gomes
Matthew Reik – Alternate

The Commission is comprised of five members appointed by the Township Supervisors to a five-year term. The Commission reviews and makes recommendations on proposed amendments to the zoning ordinance, official map, subdivision and land development, and planned residential development plans.